BLOG*March 1, 2010

What sustains your creativity?
Could it be new electronic toys, fashionable attire, fascinating information, splendid entertainment, food, money, sex, drugs, rock and roll?

Long term creativity is sustained by your heart.

Creativity connected to your true essence will sustain you for the long run. When not in alignment with your core virtue, boredom, unhappiness, and lethargy creep in. Creativity is like the electrical juice coming from a car battery. If the engine is hooked up properly it recharges the battery allowing it to last a long time. If there is a disconnect somewhere and the battery does not receive that returning jolt of energy, its power is drained and can die much faster than expected.

Loving what you do will help you keep on keeping on when ideas become scarce and economic downturns put the squeeze on.
The Los Angeles Times article on “A writing career becomes harder to scale” by Dani Shapiro talks about the struggles authors expected to confront  as they gained experience in the publishing world. But now it is sell — or else. Writers like visual artists must confront the realities of a changing publishing paradigm when it comes to promotion and selling product. In the face of these changes focusing on the source of your power  keeps the battery of creativity charged and ready to go.

Knowledge of your product line, marketing tactics, long term strategies  work only if they are built upon the foundation of knowing what you love. Those individuals who are connected to the source of their true being whether selling their art, writing, music, film, etc. can keep a career energized.

I am committed to empowering truth within you and your artful journey!