BLOG*March 23, 2010

Raise your arm if you love self promotion!

I don’t see many hands. When I was illustrating full time aspiring illustrators would always ask me how I promoted my work. In the 80’s it was generally through source books like American Showcase (now gone), The Workbook, and juried annuals like the Society of Illustrators, Communication Arts, American Illustration. They were really the only promotion available except for direct mailing of postcards and other material. During the 90’s the internet kicked in and the website opened the new doors of high tech marketing. The last decade the digital world has kicked into high gear with all sorts of social media from Blogs to Twitter to Facebook.

When I talk about promotion now we are looking at a hybrid. I call it High Tech/High Touch marketing. They work hand in hand creating a synergy.

Much or your promotion these days will come from your own volition. The source books, juried showcases, and community websites are all valid exposure (any promotion is good promotion) however meeting your fans firsthand will take it all to another level. This is happening across the arts spectrum whether it be with musicians, actors, dancers, writers, artists, talented individuals are reaching out to the public and creating their niches. How you reach out can be a way of making a unique promotional splash!

Check out this article by Carolyn Kellogg, Book Tour? More like a Safari about a Texas-based couple who celebrated the simultaneous release of their debut books this fall by jumping in their car for an 8,500-mile, 27-day, do-it-yourself tour.

Now that’s the spirit!

Moving out of your promotional comfort zone may be a challenge for some, but pushing the possibilities of advertising can be fun too. Simply approach it with the same creativity you bring to making your art. Who has some cool out of the box ad stories to share? I will talk about unconventional promotional strategies in the coming weeks.

To the new box,