BLOG*March 16, 2010

What words define success for you?

Money, Fame, Possessions, Power? How about Home, Happy, Charity, Love?

Maybe its a fusion of all those things. Accomplishment can manifest in different shapes and colors. How we define success is a large part of how we define ourselves.

For a long time my success was defined by the magazine, newspaper, or book cover I had graced an illustration with. I received a nice hit of ego gratification as well as a check that I normally received in the mail two months later. My life in publishing dictated my moods, and my finances, and this defined much of my success. My competitive spirit kept me going but at times it was a blessing and a curse. Arnie Fenner, Editor of Spectrum picked up on it, “Greg is constantly in competition with himself; the challenge he cheerfully accepts when he gets up each morning is to out-do what he has done before. It’s a good day when Greg artistically kicks Greg’s ass: he’s been doing it so consistently for so many years that it’s a wonder he has anything left to sit on.”

It’s true I don’t have much to sit on.

In this LA Times article called, What makes Sammy run wild. We read how Hollywood talents obsessed with success, can find themselves in frenzies when the industry’s harsh reality clashes with their desires.

In my last Blog I talked about the benefits of living from the inside out. How do you balance a drive for success which can feel like living from the outside in, with a sense of peaceful purpose? After seriously contemplating my “interior landscape”, and a healthy dose of spiritual introspection this is what I came up with; Defining your core virtue is the first step, knowing your talent intimately and what you have to offer the world with it, designing a sane blueprint for prosperity, and checking in on your happiness meter at least once a week.

We all get stars in our eyes sometimes, but keeping our feet firmly on the ground while we fly through space will allow for a smooth landing. Does that make sense?

Success my friends,


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