BLOG*March 30, 2010

How do you choose to see your life, your family, your neighbors, your city, state, country, world?

I just had an interesting political discussion with my parents. They listen to Rush Limbaugh, Fox news and what I consider right leaning news media. It makes them angry that our President (who is not an American citizen according to their news sources) and his cabinet are trying to turn our country into a socialist empire! Wow! What?!
Now everyone is entitled to their opinions and I respect and love my parents dearly, even though I disagree with their political views. What struck me most about our conversation is how upset these newscasts were making them. Yet they watched them and listened to them day after day.

Buddhist’s and sages throughout history have offered that all events are essentially neutral and it’s only the judgment we place upon them that infers good or bad, right or wrong. Its an interesting concept considering we are conditioned to look at much of the world through a black and white lens. But the bigger question for me is how does it make you feel? Outward appearances can evoke a specific response, but if you see, listen, feel through your intuition another sense of awareness can tell us something different.

I suggested my parents take a media fast to see how it feels not to ingest all that angst and negativity.
“Why would I want to do that?” my Dad responded. “What is the point? How does that benefit me?”
“Well, you might find you feel more relaxed, happy, peaceful by taking a break from that bombardment of information,” I suggested.
“No, no, that is not going to do me any good.”

You can tell this is a big issue for me. I know I cannot change anyone. If I can nudge someone into thinking a little differently, that is a miracle enough for me. That is why I like this video.