BLOG*April 6, 2010

In November of 2009 Parade magazine printed an article called Can Art Save a Mall? by Susan Fine. When too many stores came up empty at a large mall in the St. Louis area the owners decided that instead of demolishing it they would offer the spaces to artists for $100 per month, plus utilities. Art galleries, a dance studio, museum, etc. were created. Not only did it give arts groups a home it also increased traffic in the mall for the other stores and restaurants. I bring this article to your attention because its exactly this alternative approach to artist promotion every talented entrepreneurial soul can embrace.

In this instance the owners of the Mall took the initiative, but creatives can do the same by starting their own venues. Consider this group of frustrated artists disappointed with the size of the San Diego Comic Con (its gigantic). They are producing their own more intimate convention called Creator-Con. Here is an interesting take on this new venue on the Blog Cartoon Brew. The power of an idea whose time has come can manifest quickly if  desire, focus, and energy is placed behind it.

Start your own alternate showcase, gallery, convention, art faire, artist workshop, etc. What are some cool ideas you have thought of or heard of recently? How about some artist marketing brainstorming?

To artist empowerment!