BLOG*May 18, 2010

Scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell called serendipity “a thousand unseen helping hands.”
“..namely, that if you do follow your bliss you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you… When you can see that, you begin to meet people who are in your field of bliss, and they open doors to you. I say, follow your bliss and don’t be afraid, and doors will open where you didn’t know they were going to be.”

When the doors of perception open it’s fascinating to see what flies in!

Roxana Villa my lovely wife started Roxana Illuminated Perfume after many years as a professional illustrator and certified aromatherapist. Growing up with asthma and being chemically sensitive inspired her to create botanical perfumes made from pure essential oils. When she was designing the imagery and other symbols that would define her company brand, nature and its pagan spirit resonated deeply within. Hence the key element in the Roxana Illuminated Perfume logo became a bee. The bee has been a powerful symbol throughout history connected to the environment, fertility, prosperity, knowledge, wisdom. The little beings are responsible for the propagation of our food, garden flowers, and fruit trees. In addition Roxana uses beeswax in her solid perfumes.

Roxana is an awesome model of Artist As Brand principles and in fact gives a presentation during my workshops where you see her progression from visual artist to aromatic artisan. To see how her company continues to grow is astounding considering she sells a product online that cannot be experienced directly! At my workshops you actually get to experience many of these magnificent scents.

An important facet of marketing is understanding how to make alignments with other like minded individuals and companies. Roxana is a connector and so keeps her eyes on the look out for these alliances. On one occasion she came across an online story that talked  about the Backwards Beekeepers. They are a group of organic beekeepers in Los Angeles who rely on observation and natural practices rather than pesticides and other chemicals to keep their bees thriving. The BB gang saves bees from the exterminator when someone encounters a swarm that lands in their yard or ends up in the walls etc. They come in and swoop up the swarm (for free) and make new beehives or relocate them whilst inspiring others to do the same. It’s actually more simple and safe than you think!

Roxana went to a meeting and loved the people and their mission. I was smitten too and soon we were contemplating the concept of having our own hive! Crazy, huh? Well, we would be helping the bees exist, have access to free honey and beeswax for Roxana’s perfumes. Of course I was not planning to run out to get equipment and purchase bees any time soon. I am way too busy for that.

Two days ago I look outside the studio windows and notice a swarm of bees. Its amazing to see a swarm up close. Hundreds of bees swirling in space, knocking against the glass. The sun was low so there was a luminescence about them in that golden light. They decided to take up residence in our composter! The next day we stopped by the Los Angeles Bee Company, picked up the necessary equipment, wooden hives, etc. Then an Irish gentleman named John Lyons (of Backwards Beekeepers) stopped by our house and showed us how to transfer these amazingly gentle bees into a specially designed cardboard box. They will then be transferred to a wooden hive, which I am building now. Roxana got her wish!  We are now bee keepers.

Photos by Eve Villa Neuhart

1. bees on compost bin.
2. frames inside cardboard bee box for temporary home.
3. pouring honey on the hive frames.
4. most of bees including the queen were clustered in the compost lid. John tapped them into the hive box.
5. john with fashionable headgear
6. most bees follow the queen into the box, stragglers are helped into the hive’s opening with gloved hands and trowel.

When your intentions are clear and strong, and you put that vibration out into the world it will resonate with like minded individuals. This means aligning with people who will support your vision, morally and financially. Start looking and put out the call. Roxana did and received her bees! What do you desire?

Bee Empowered,