BLOG*May 6, 2010

I recently picked up a magazine called FIND in the LCAD library. It was a free publication, small in size 5″x7″ but exuded a vital art spirit. Featuring a very cool cover by Rick Rietveld and filled with artist imagery that piqued my interest, I decided to contact the Founder/Publisher Neight Adamson to find out more. I found in Neight a kindred spirit, a champion of the arts. I asked him to tell me a little about himself and his mission.

Greg- Neight, please share a bit of your artistic journey.

Neight- I have always been extremely passionate about art. I started by scribbling, doodling and drawing on everything I could get my hands on. When I was enrolled at Brooks College in Long Beach, I met a teacher named Mike Hanson (now at the Art Institute of Orange County) who inspired my way of thinking and helped me take my art and design to a whole new level. After college I couldn’t find a design job for the life of me but found a job at the Wyland Gallery in Laguna Beach, learning everything an artist needs to know about marketing oneself. On the side, I freelanced with companies like Nike, Hurley, Alpinestars and Chronic Tacos, specializing in advertising and illustration. I began learning the art of business and how to maintain a creative mind set in a cut-throat society. Branching out on my own, I began piecing together my own design studio with Chronic Tacos as my biggest client and unlocking the door to the glamorous world of marketing. As well as using many different artistic mediums to market my ideas, I planned on bringing artists, spectators and buyers together to share in their ideas and give everyone an opportunity to network and grow as an artistic collective.

G- Sounds like you are into artist empowerment too! Tell me about your FIND Art Magazine.

N- FIND Art Magazine is working to build a local art community by bringing local artists, galleries, companies and spectators together into one “Found” space. It is a tool for artists to show their Art to thousands of people. FIND Art Magazine is released every 2 months and is dedicated to promoting and showcasing all different mediums of artwork within each issue. It is sized conveniently to 5×7 inches leaving each page open to the possibility of being framed. There are millions of artists out there that have not had an opportunity to show their art to very many people at all. It is completely free for artists that are chosen to participate in the art show and is also free to the public. The philosophy behind FIND is two fold: One to create an art community where artists can inspire each other, and two, offer a platform for undiscovered talent to have their name and artwork exposed…. The initial response has been phenomenal and we’re getting a ton of new submissions every week.

Advertising in the magazine is great for art driven companies. We even offer special discounted rates for individual artists and galleries.

G- You own a gallery that works in concert with the magazine, correct. Tell me more.

N- The whole idea of the magazine is to advertise the artists that are going to be a part of the FIND Gallery exhibition (Costa Mesa, CA.). The same artwork that’s in the magazine is in our gallery too. A 5X7 print in FIND might be a five foot oil on canvas… The plan is to grow the magazine, expose more artists and showcase their work in a gallery setting while actually establishing a point of interest within the community.

G- How would you describe artist sustainability?
N- When the the signature at the bottom of the canvas is worth as much as the artwork itself.

G- That is a nice way to put it! Tell me about your upcoming shows and where can people find your magazine?
N- Our closing show for the current issue is actually this Saturday, May 8 giving people a last chance to see the artwork before we take everything down for the next issue. The next Issue will be released by the 21st of May with the opening reception for the exhibition on Saturday, June 12. The magazine can be found at all the art driven locations that we can find: art schools, art supply, tattoo, fashion retailers, edgy restaurants, advertisers, etc.

G- Thank you Neight! You are a true patron of the Art Spirit.

After realizing our visions for artist empowerment were similar it only seemed natural to connect the FIND mission with the Artist As Brand workshops! Neight and I are formulating a powerful alignment that will bring some awesome value to anyone taking the workshop. I am talking amazing promotional opportunities.
We have decided to set up an Artist As Brand Workshop at the FIND Gallery August 6, 7, 8 (Fri-Sun, 10AM- 8PM). Stay tuned for more details.

Neight is looking for artists to be included in the FIND Art Magazine and gallery. Contact FIND for submission instructions and advertising possibilities.