BLOG*June 16, 2010

I am off to Provo, Utah to present a Workshop. BYU canceled my workshop for low enrollment, but a group of inspired and courageous artists would not take “No” for an answer! So I am flying out today to bring Artist As Brand to the SpringHill Suites, Thursday-Saturday.

I have much respect for individuals who are willing to confront the fear of change in their careers and in themselves. Transcending old ways that do not serve us are like breaking bad habits. So many individuals remain stuck for so long they forget the art of reinvention!  I know how difficult this is as I am in the process of reinventing myself at this moment too! Our spirit wants to branch out and rise up. May we remain aligned with this purpose and grow with it’s magnificence.

This group of creative souls appears ready for the transformational bootcamp coming their way. Lets see how they do!

I will post updates!