BLOG*June 23, 2010

I just finished teaching an Artist As Brand workshop in Provo, Utah. It brings me tremendous pleasure to see recent graduates, professors, and professionals working together to transcend their creative and professional lives. The gratitude I feel is the sincere appreciation of seeing individuals confront their fears and take hold of their destinies in new ways! There is a natural high that imbues the spirit when  potential meets accomplishment.

I feel a physical, mental and spiritual shift inside these students when the last day arrives. You can see it in their bodies, in their eyes, and hear it in their voices. They recognize it too, and are very vocal about it! This feeling can be experienced in any endeavor where the outcome reflects a strong sense of new awareness, and confidence. I share with you a few thoughts, a few moments with this intimate group of devout souls. I thank them all for the insight they have brought to me as a teacher too.

“It’s inspiring and motivating for me to be around so much creative talent. I really needed and enjoyed the workshop. It was just what I was looking for to rejuvenate and focus my own artistic energy. Now I just need to organize and balance that energy with the demands of my daily life. I want to thank you, Greg,  for coming out.
– Thomas Royal Tolman, Artist, Sculptor

Photos by Richard Hull, Julie Bean, Ashley Glover, Thomas “Royal” Tolman- This pic Richard Hull, Ashley Glover, Rebecca Wessman

“Intense! Greg referred to the workshop as a “boot camp”… the information, guidance, and self-awareness I obtained was truly empowering. I’m much more confident in my potential.”
– Richard Hull
, BYU Professor, Artist

Richard Hull, Tom Tolman, Julie Bean, Ashley Grove, Rebecca Wessman,
Amber Erdmann, Me, Ben Sowards, Jay Fontano

“The workshop was far beyond what I thought it would be…I was very impressed with the amount of revealing information I learned about myself and that of marketing strategies. I would strongly recommend this workshop to anyone that is in a slump or would like to learn new and interesting marketing strategies.”
– Julie Bean, Artist

Amber Erdmann, Tom Tolman

“It was a great experience. Looking forward to hearing about everyone’s progress. It was fun hanging out with all of you and getting better acquainted with the process.”
– Amber Erdmann, Artist

“I just wanted to say again how much I enjoyed the workshop. My mind has been going non-stop since and I am determined to put it to work now.”
– Jay Fontano, Artist

To Empowerment and Prosperity,