BLOG*July 20, 2010

Bee Prosperity for Flowers of Fortune Art Card Set & Game

It’s that time of year again when the world of popular art culture collides with the city of San Diego. I have been frequenting this event since 1990. I was part of Allen Spiegel’s booth ASFA for many years and then decided to trek out on my own and acquired a booth. Preparing for this event takes weeks sometimes months, and when it is over takes a solid week to recover. It costs money to create product, pay for the booth, hotel, meals, etc. hence the investment can be large. Not much sleep is allowed, everyone is running on reserves of nerve energy as meetings and parties go into the wee hours. Then you get up early to man your booth, sell your wares and conjure up new fans and patrons. The cycle starts up again for four days straight.

Even though Comic Con is a lot of work most exhibitors return year after year, because of the events vitality. Seeing my artist friends come from all over the world to hang out for a week is inspiring. I love the show and tell facet.

Gracing the Dawn for Flowers of Fortune Art Card Set & Game

Setting up a booth is an art unto itself. Read this article on Roxana’s Illuminated Perfume Blog about our strategy for this years booth. Every year we strive to make it more interesting than the last. My other goal is to out do what I manifested the year before in art. This time I have created and devised a Limited Edition Art Card Game! Called Flowers of Fortune (website coming soon) there is a scratch off game facet where participants can receive my posters, prints, card sets, and cash. The odds are very good in that there is a prize for every 40 cards. However everyone is winner as fortunes and special quotes are waiting beneath the scratch off designs.

Roxana formulated a beautiful perfume to accompany the Gracing The Dawn card. Come to the booth 5553 and experience this exquisite essence. You will swoon. (Illustrators area) Enter through the double doors of Lobby G, near Starbucks, the booth is on the right front wall. Look for the Shabby Chic booth with the Gracing the Dawn banner.

Don’t forget to attend this! I am moderating an Artist As Brand panel discussion Friday 23, 6:00-7:00 RM 8, with Arnie Fenner, Mark Murphy, Ciruelo, Tara McPherson, Donato.

See you all soon!

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