BLOG*July 13, 2010

Greg Spalenka

In this high tech world it can be easy to forget the importance of human connection. An infant and mother understand this crucial bonding, and as we grow this personal connection to touch and intimacy never really leaves us. In life our relationship to others reflects how successful we are at communicating our passions, desires, ideas. Union is key.

In business and commerce this facet of interconnectivity is called networking. In art networking we endear ourselves to our peers, fans and patrons to help build our art empires. Our supporters become the mortar between the bricks. I am always on the lookout for alignments, new connections and venues where I can meet extraordinary individuals. I contacted Peter Clothier whom I learned about through his lecture at LCAD. Though we initially met online which culminated in an interview of him for my Blog we also recently had a lovely lunch together. It is truly wonderful to meet like minded souls in person! We realized our viewpoints were deeper than expected and are now talking about collaborating on some workshops.

Mark Murphy whom I just interviewed is another alignment with who I am collaborating with. Roxana my wife and I are part of his Survey Select exhibition opening this Thursday, and I am presenting an Artist As Brand workshop in San Diego in conjunction with the show.

Two fantastic networking opportunities are coming to California. The  Illustration Conference is this week in Los Angeles!  Artists are coming from all over the US to this event. I will be there networking and meeting awesome new people. Who else is going?

How about the largest event for popular art culture in America?! The San Diego Comic Con is held next week July 21-25. I will be there at my booth 5553 and moderating an Artist As Brand panel discussion Friday 23, 6:00-7:00 RM 8, with Arnie Fenner, Mark Murphy, Ciruelo, Tara McPherson, Donato. My new  Flowers of Fortune limited edition art card set and scratch off game premiers at Comic Con too, (and at on July 21) where you can win one of my giclee prints, other printed items, and up to $1000.00.

Events like Comic Con increase your fans and patrons. 125,000 people move through the doors of this convention in five days. Imagine if only one in every one thousand people stopped by your booth. Being a part of this event for over 20 years has taught me the value of  growing your support group in venues like this.

Some people will argue that it costs too much to be a part of these gatherings. All promotion has a price. This is an investment in yourself.

Events like these are important to the artist for exposure, new ideas, inspiration, sales, support, and new connections. Like the mother and her new baby, union and bonding with your peers and your buyers will bring you closer together. Technology has it’s place, but remember the importance of face to face.

To artist empowerment,