BLOG*August 2, 2010


A big thank you to all the Orange County talent who took the time to add their opinions to this survey on the state of the arts. This questionnaire included responses from fine artists (painters, sculptors, photographers, etc), illustrators, concept designers and animators for film and games, graphic designers, and  individual art empires.

Download this PDF for the results

What was learned?

1. The majority of you have your own art empires (75%)! I am curious about those art empires! A smaller percent were in publishing, film and game industries, graphic design.

2. 100% of you were up and running in your line of work. Of the that amount 40% were having a difficult time, or just starting.

3. At least a few of you were doing very well.  Almost half were getting by in their art careers and 61% were struggling and/or changing their direction altogether.

4. Half the Illustrators were doing good enough, a little less than half were unhappy with the state of their industry.

5. Not many Film and Game designers, animators, etc. in this survey. Two were doing good enough. One was looking for more fulfillment.

6. The Fine Art group was doing very poorly and were looking for some art prosperity.

7. Who felt they were living and working from their heart and doing what they love? Most  were living from their heart “part of the time.” There were some whose lives hovered around their heart.

8. Who was ready to take their life, creativity, and career to another level of fulfillment?  The majority by far were open to taking their abilities to new heights, and 4 decided to take the Artist As Brand workshop to explore their potential.


This slice of the Orange County art community tells us that about half are doing well enough to pay their bills, while the other half are struggling and/or looking to start over.

I applaud the talent that is weathering this downturn in the economy. For the rest of you creative art spirits who are struggling, be the change you wish to see in the world. That change starts with you of course.

The economy will always go up and down. Our goal is to implement a strategy now that will take advantage of the new upswing, as well as minimize the results of a down turn in the future. Its important to remain pro-active, so do something!

Most of you were living from the heart part time. My question is why not all of the time?! Living from your heart is vital for creative/financial sustainability and happiness. Yes, it is is possible to live from your heart all of the time. This paradigm shift in awareness is powerful and profound, because it is really core to who you are.

Learning your Core Virtue is the foundation of the Artist As Brand workshop. For some students it is the most important part of the class. Professional illustrator and recent workshop graduate Katy Betz states, “Deciphering my Core Virtue has given me radical entrepreneurial energy!”
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I am curious about those individuals who are creating individual art empires. Who are you and what are you doing that is bringing you prosperity? Speak to me and I will share your story! I am sure many artists would love to hear about your success. Please contact me directly.

Peace and Prosperity