BLOG*September 23, 2010

Spalenka for Chester College

The power of the Blog has turned marketing on it’s head. When you have large companies showcasing and catering to the creators of intimate and niche Blogs you come to the conclusion that either these corporate entities have run out of ideas to promote their products and services or they realize the potential in one of the smartest and influential online mediums of our day. I compare the Blog to an individual zine or  magazine that can be updated daily or weekly. When the creator of this publication has something unique to say and can tap into the mind set of their niche market it is truly amazing the numbers of people that will come to see what is up.

Utilizing the Blog as a promotional tool for artists is crucial. Updating it consistently is crucial. During my Artist As Brand workshops we look at what makes up a successful Blog. It really can be a fun and enlightening process when you truly devote some time  to this medium. More importantly it seduces the viewer into your world.

This article, Marketing’s New Rage: Brands Sponsoring Influential Bloggers in WWD (Women’s Wear Daily) by Cate T. Corcoran showcases how Barneys New York, Gap, Coach and other big brands are collaborating with bloggers to create new and controversial forms of advertising for a more social age. They might invite a blogger to guest blog, sponsor a series of daily outfit posts featuring their product, create or request a video of the blogger talking about the brand or wearing the product or even ask the blogger to design for the brand.

You don’t have to be picked up by another brand to showcase your own unique art empire! Of course Blog alignments are important, but that is a story for another time. Bottom line is: Blog’s Have Power. Use it.

To artist empowerment,