BLOG*September 15, 2010

Wilo Ayllon

Around once a month I present a conference call titled Artist As Brand Articulations. Last Saturday (you were all invited) I spoke with BYU Professor, award winning illustrator Richard Hull and Ecuadorean force of art nature, Wilo Ayllon. Wilo called in from Ecuador. It was a fascinating conversation about education, artistic integrity, quality, empowerment, inspiration, the challenges of getting paid online in Ecuador and what both these talented individuals learned from taking my workshop. Wilo was part of the first class I presented in Ecuador over a year ago, Richard took the course early this year.

Richard told me when he was still a boy working on the farm in Quincy, Washington he knew that bugs, beans, and bales of hay were not his destiny. In the 5th Grade he found the margins of test papers fertile soil for the germination of his ideas and soon little drawings began to emerge and grow. He found his creativity a much more profitable use of energy. When he left college (Brigham Young University) Richard worked as a graphic designer (1971 – 1987) and at the same time freelanced illustrating for magazines, children’s picture books, and school books. Richard has been teaching at BYU for 23 years and is a respected and much loved mentor. Retiring next year from BYU inspired him to look at what was next for his career and so he signed up for the Artist As Brand workshop.

Richard was pleasantly surprised to learn during the seminar that his love for fishing since he was very young could also become an amazing market for his stories and products! Hence, he has been sketching  hundreds of ideas for a very special project. Hint- Magical fishing lures. He will tell you more just as soon as he gets his social media up and running!

Richard Hull

Both Richard and Wilo spoke about the importance of quality and integrity in art. Richard said, “Quality is vitally important to me when creating my art. It is important for my students to understand this too.”

Wilo is a passionate soul who has been involved in so many aspects of art creation it is difficult to place them all here! Sculpture, paint, etching, drawing, graphic design, industrial design, jewelry design, character design, corporative design, packaging design, body painting, tattoo art, animation 3d, traditional animation , comics, creativity, digital retouch, photo production, television production, set design, multimedia web tools develop, communications, silk screen printing, commercial art direction. Crazy!

After the workshop something shifted in him big time and he started making connections in Europe. He recently showed in Switzerland.  Wilo also started teaching a class which became wildly successful on creating art from your emotional life. Then he threw himself into making his Mandalas. Wilo had “an awakening” in his life that opened the door to new explorations of his art.

“All ancestral cultures of the world have used the spiritual power of the Mandala, as symbols of protection, well-being, health, balance and as a conduit between humans and the cosmos. The color corresponds to vibrations of light. The speed, length and rhythm of different waves create a physical, psychic and emotional influence over the human.
The color spectrum and the sacred geometry of the Mandala can create a harmonious state of peace and equilibrium. Simply contemplate one of these Mandalas for a couple minutes and feel it’s effect.”

See them here.

Wilo spoke of the challenges living in a country that is near Columbia (with its drug cartels) and how the government is very controlling of  internet commerce. “It is a problem living in a country pretty close to Colombia, we are always under suspect if we sell by internet.” He spoke with his banks to no avail, so is forced to open a bank in another country to do his online business.

Needless to say Wilo is on fire and will not be deterred. All of us then spoke about the importance of perseverance, persistence, and taking action.

Thank you Richard and Wilo for your gracious time on Saturday. It was fun speaking with you both. I look forward to seeing your new creations and hearing of your new found success!

Join us for the next Artist As Brand Articulations in October.

To your empowerment and prosperity,