BLOG*September 15, 2010


Last week I devised a survey to learn specifically how SILA (Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles) members were faring in their art community. The survey received only ten responses which says a lot about the motivation of the members in this organization. You can see the results on this PDF- SILA-Survey In a nutshell the survey responses revealed that most of these artists were struggling with their careers, looking for more art prosperity, wanted to change/improve their circumstances yet could not find the time nor afford to invest money in themselves or their business to make a difference.

After 28 years working as a professional artist I have seen the effects of failing economies, corporate takeovers, and disappearing art industries. These challenges will always present themselves from time to time. In fact it’s times like this that birth innovation and push us to re-evaluate our goals. Some people give up. I do not have advice on how to be successful without finding the time to do the work or without investing some money in yourself and your business. However, I do know that the benefits of joining an organization like SILA is found in the empowerment and support you receive from networking with like minded art spirits. Community alignment is crucial to your success as an artist. Exposure to the world and the support of your peers will help take you to a higher level of creative and financial accomplishment.

The Artist As Brand mission supports inter-connectivity. I strive to foster teamwork and alignments during the workshops. We brainstorm together on the possibilities. In Ecuador for instance part of the class focused on creating an art book together, others began formulating plans to manifest a Comic Con in Quito!!!

Don’t give up. Keep recommitting to your vision, and remember to use the options available to you. If you are a member of SILA put your dues to good use! Get out of the cave and get involved. Help each other out.

I am committed to empowering truth and inspiration within you. The truth within you combined with your art and business can manifest prosperity beyond your dreams.

You can do it.

Peace and prosperity,