BLOG*November 3, 2010

Rob Hann

My last two posts “MINI ART EMPIRES IN THE ROUGH, Street Artists make a living selling directly to the public” inspired some interesting comments from readers on handmade spark and on my Blog that I would like to share. People were amazed that artists could sell art on the street and make an income that would rival (and surpass) animator and concept designer wages working in the film and game industries. Here are some remarks from people around the world…

“Amazing figures you had on their income. Had no idea it was that high, and that’s GREAT!!!”

“I love to see artists taking a non-traditional path and succeeding with it.”
-Jacqueline Dover

Ron Jones

“Loved reading about these talented artists and the fact that they’re out in the streets. It’s art for the masses where everyone can appreciate it. It takes a lot of courage to put yourself and your work on display like that. Receiving a income out of it is even better.”
-Amber Jordan

“I didn’t know there were artists selling on the streets of NY… I wish I could set up shop on the street here in France, but unfortunately it’s not legal… Also, were there any women out there?

Yes there were women selling art.


“So interesting that this economy has put some people on the streets…and they are succeeding! I know the same thing is happening with chefs, restaurant business has slowed down so they buy big carts and sell their delicious food on the streets…”

“We have a lot of street artist here in New Orleans; the city is starting to reevaluate their permitting…I hope they leave them be!!!
-Lisa LeBlanc

Ray Sumser

The comment you made about “Living outside the corporate model”—–I can relate to this all too well. Throughout my high school years we always attended career days, military, radiology, nursing, mechanic, but never an entrepreneurial themed day. I recently turned 38, yes I can admit my age, and it took me this long to finally figure out what I want to do with my life in terms of my career. I’ve been working in the healthcare field for the past 20 yrs, and don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my work and feel blessed at all the special people I’ve met, but my true passion is what drives me to work very hard to be an independent artist.”
-Jennifer Schulting

The art spirit will not be denied!

Kurt McRobert

I love this series! It has been really eye opening to realize that these artists are not starving..they are thriving! Very encouraging to see authenticity “in the rough” as well. Thanks Greg!
-Amber Jordan

When winter arrives where do they go? Just curious…

Believe it or not they are out there in winter too, unless it‘s really stormy or snowing. The cold does not stop them. They just bundle up.

Prince Street will be a definite stop for me “when” I visit NYC.

So now the street artists of Prince street  have become a tourist destination! It is amazing what can happen when you put yourself out there. Keep living in that art spirit everyone!

Peace and prosperity,