BLOG*December 21, 2010

By Dan Dion

It has been almost one year since Artist As Brand officially launched. I have learned much along the way and met some amazing artists in my workshops. Some are building their art empires at an incredible pace. I teach that your first year is all about laying the foundation, which includes your purpose, goals, marketing blueprint and setting up shop. Some patience is required as this process may take longer than expected, and I must emphasize this is not a race! However there are some individuals who build their foundations like launching pads and take off like rockets. This post celebrates some of those trail blazers.

Dan Dion was in my November San Francisco workshop. He is an awesome photographer of musicians, comics, stars, cool spaces. A mover and a shaker Dan worked on a book called ¡SATIRISTAS! which is a funny and fearless celebration of provocative, unflinching comedy. Check out his Blog highlighting stand up comics as depicted by three photographers. Dan had a good start freelancing in publishing etc. but is taking his vision to a whole new level.


By Alfred Paredes

Alfred Paredes is a sculptor of classical and popular art culture themes. Alfred who was in my Laguna College class says, “I started a product line of sculptures which is already selling online!” Not only is he selling online he is selling his popular art sculptures at venues like the Beverly Hills Affaire in the Gardens Show which is known for more classical fair.

By Alfred Paredes

He will  be showing at next years Monsterpalooza. Check out more of his work at these two websites and I personally think fusing both sites will be just as effective, but lets see what Alfred decides to do. His Blog is very informative.


By Wilo Ayllón

I met Wilo in Ecuador. He is committed to the creative spirit of art. Wilo was on fire before the workshop but after it, “Everything is new again!” Within a year he had an opening in Ecuador, and Switzerland, designed his own workshops on creativity in Quito (were very successful), worked on finishing his mandala series, continued on his comics, draws and paints like a maniac, and is always finishing up another project. His Blog is in Spanish only but even if you do not speak the language it is still fun to see.


By Katy Betz

Katy Betz was still getting her graduate degree at Cal State Fullerton while taking Artist As Brand. She is intent on balancing the world of industry with her art empire. I am impressed with her dedication to her Blog and the passion she brings to her art. Check out her work at She recently finished illustrating a book called Lost Ones: Ghosts of Paris.


By Sandra Chang

By Diana Levin

Sandra Chang and Diana Levin were in my Woodland Hills workshop together. Sandra already had success in publishing but wanted more. Diana was still breaking into the corporate world and looking at her options. Both have taken off in their own ways… Diana curated a group show with over 20 different artists called Inside Is Delightful. It included a live band and more. See her Blog and art projects here.

Sandra is creating a franchise called the Banzai Chicks. She is a serious Kung Fu practitioner and will bring this knowledge to the comic book stories that she is writing.

It inspires me to see artists like these making art on their own terms, sharing it with the world and starting a dialogue with their new fans and collectors. Congratulations everyone. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your progress at this time next year.

Peace and prosperity,