BLOG*December 14, 2010

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.
~Anaïs Nin

Welcome to another Blogging Ensemble! Today I have Designer/Publisher/Producer: Mark Murphy, and Fashion Designer: Minkie sharing their thoughts on the subject of Confidence. Check out what these two talented and successful individuals have to say about a quality every one of us can relate to.

This post is a bit longer than usual but I guarantee it will be worth the read!

What is confidence?

For me confidence is vital in just about every facet of my life, and has been important to my survival, my creative growth as far back as I can remember.

Sustaining my confidence is like a workout, and part of my daily spiritual practice. It starts in the morning with meditation, and it ends before I go to sleep with meditation. Even while sleeping my intention is to keep connected to this divine recharger, because the daytime is a nonstop test of my ability to remain clear sighted and fearless. Whether I am making art, selling myself or my ideas, writing this Blog, juggling deadlines, putting out fires (“Honey, the washing machine just flooded the kitchen with water!”), working on my relationship, it takes confidence to support my confidence!

In the context of our creativity we are looking at facing fear and risk. Preparation and courage working together can push out the boundaries of our limitations. You have heard that success is preparation meeting opportunity, but when a boldness meets opportunity synergestic qualities can appear creating Confidence Karma.

When I was working on my journalistic project with boxer Mike Tyson for Sports Illustrated in the late 80’s I was always amazed at the power that emanated from him beyond the physical bulk of his honed body. He spoke about confronting his fear before a fight, “Before I get into the ring he’s bigger than me and faster. But once I’m in the ring, I’m so confident, it’s ridiculous. I can almost predict which round I am going to knock him out in!” This is exactly what happened over and over for Mike making him a champion until he lost his focus, desire and discipline.

My buddy Matt Mahurin stands out when it comes to pure ambition and fortitude. One of Matt’s stories from his Imagemakers Handbook called, “Expect The Unexpected” showcases the type of daring and determination that exemplifies Confidence Karma…

As a kid I recall Popeye saying, “I am what I am!” I took those words and changed them into my own little mantra of empowerment which is still with me to this day- “Am I more than I am?” By living in this question I expand the possibilities of what I can accomplish, and with some divine guidance maintain the confidence to see them through.

What is confidence for you?

Peace and prosperity,


U2 video directed by Matt Mahurin
Fists by Greg Spalenka