BLOG*December 9, 2010

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January 21, 22, 23rd
Fri- 2:00-8:00
Sat- Sun 10:00-8:00

Society of Illustrators New York

See what art professors, professionals, college students are saying.

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You will accomplish the following in the Artist As Brand workshop:

• Connect your art deeply with your truth, creating a mark so authentic and profound it embodies a timeless power.

• Unlock the secret to your personal niche markets and the fans/patrons/collectors who are hidden there.

• Introduce your vision to individual art collectors around the world through targeted marketing techniques.

• Begin building an independent Art Empire that can create income for the rest of your life.

• Align with other like minded individuals to establish a MasterMind expanding your Art Empire.

• “See” your career five years into the future.


This is an artist boot camp. When you leave this seminar you will be aligned and defined, prepared and empowered to take any success you have now to another level. I am committed to empowering truth and inspiration within you. The truth within you combined with your art and business can manifest prosperity beyond your dreams.

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To your creative empowerment,

Greg Spalenka