BLOG*January 3, 2011

At the end of every year instead of designing resolutions for the new one I instead reflect on the the river which is my life. I look at the flow of years and peer into the depths of my experience. Have I been traveling in a nice strong current of ideas and goals, in waters that are crystal clear with my purpose? Did I follow my plan and go with the flow or switch directions? Where has it taken me?

My river is split in two at the moment as the teacher in me spends time energizing and promoting Artist As Brand, while the artist attempts to keep a flow with personal projects. For instance I am working hard to finish up my Visions of Vespertina novel for a July launch, but AAB wants that time also. Ebb and flow. Introspection gives me perspective and and keeps my compass aligned.

Which brings me to the 2010 Artist As Brand Survey. This was an opportunity for participants of my workshops to send me feedback on how the deluge of AAB information is coursing through their minds and helping manifest their art empires. It was an anonymous survey. This is what you told me…

Do you feel you are on track with your five year blueprint?

Two of my workshops only had a few months before this survey came along so it is difficult to gauge much in that amount of time. However a few participants in those groups (who had some social media started already) have really taken off.

Most of you were a little behind or on track. This is understandable as your fist year is really a foundation of getting everything in place and making sure it’s working properly. It may feel after your first year that nothing has happened, but if you have been putting all your social media together and lining up your events you are doing great. There are always a few shooting stars who seem to pull it all together quickly, magically. Follow their lead! All AAB graduates are kindred spirits and here to help each other out.

Most importantly…keep implementing what you learned in the course keep the momentum moving forward.

How do feel now about taking the class?

It felt great to hear that an overwhelming number of you thought it was an awesome class and more than worth the price! Hurray!

Have you been implementing the principles learned in the course?

Most of you have been doing the work which is encouraging. Keep going!

-“I’m using most of the techniques. The blog and High Touch venues are the most successful strategies at the moment…”

-“I am embracing the latest technologies, slowing but surely learning new software… I am conquering fear.”

-“I am looking into different venues to show my work and using facebook and other social media networks to promote myself. I am building my mailing list and showing my work live in different events. I am even creating my own event and inviting other artists to participate in order to build new business partnerships and network. What is not working is my business plan. I don’t yet have a solid structure for figuring out how much time, cost and labor needs to be accounted for.”

-“Mostly updating my blog, twitter and facebook page. I also had the opportunity to finally meet Tara McPherson…I got to see first hand how it all works. She was signing books, so I got my book signed, and she was selling prints and various other merchandise, and so that kind of motivated me to pursue my goals and help me decide what I want to do with my talent. Plus it was a great networking tool… I also learned that there are local galleries that are more in line with the work that I like to do.”

-“Believing in myself…. enjoying the creation process.”

For those who have not started implementing the principles you can start right now, today. Or start up where you left off last. If you feel you do not have enough time remember what I said about prioritizing it. You determine how much time in a week to put aside for this work. Little steps will get you there too. The little steps will help you overcome fear also. Your success will be determined by a commitment to yourself. Contact some of your workshop partners and re-energize!

Has determining your Core Virtue been an asset in your life?

Most of you felt knowing theirCore Virtue was an asset in their life. For some people it was the most important part of the class.

-“To me, THIS (core virtue) was the most valuable thing I got from the class.”

-“I see it accomplished in my favorite artists, particularly my favorite musicians. When I listen to their albums, I can identify their personality on some level, and that’s something that I want to accomplish with the work that I do.”

Others were still tweeking it which I mentioned may happen as you begin to own it. Little refinements will come through. All of you appreciated knowing your Core Virtue to some degree.

Any final thoughts on the workshop or your evolution in the process of creating your sustainable art empire?

“This workshop is a great idea to start artists off in the right direction and to inspire them to create for themselves the careers they want and deserve. From this class, I got a much better understanding of what it takes to create my art empire and got, that with some hard work and dedication, it really can be done.”

“I want to do all I can to make this possible, to pursue my goals and live the dream, no matter what may stand in the way.”

That’s the spirit! In conclusion your comments confirmed that the principles work when you work. Patience is key your first year as you design how that trickle will turn into a stream and then a river channeling your creations and wealth. Your second year is when the trickle actually becomes a stream and begins to gather more energy. Your river is another year or two away. Stay the course my friends.

Peace and prosperity,