BLOG*March 16, 2011


About 20 years ago I took an inner child workshop with a wonderful therapist, Dr. Nicki Monti. Dr. Nicki’s core virtue is truly in service to people and their well being. We kept in touch a little over the years, but when I created AAB I felt we might want to reconnect as passionate devotees of the art spirit. Nicki invited me to manifest a special class with a talented group of amazing individuals who were taking a year long course with her called Metamorphosis. Metamorphosis is all about understanding and embracing three forms of love. Personal Love, Other Love, Divine Love.

I decided to create vision boards with them that reflected these attributes. Wow! The boards they created were very personal and powerful statements of the love living inside them. I was very impressed with the honesty and time put into them. The pieces were very personal, so I will not be sharing them with you, but it confirmed that diving deep inside yourself for the truth of who you are can yield tremendous results. Inside us all resides an intimate power that can be tapped into and used in the world. Love is the key.

Thank you Nicki for allowing me to spend time with such gracious and loving souls.

To your transformation!