BLOG*April 26, 2011

Harry Houdini was not only a consummate escape artist and entertainer, he was a master promoter. This man knew how to market himself in a big way. There is a show opening at the Skirball Cultural Center on April 28,  “Houdini: Art and Magic,” that highlights not only the man’s craft as a magician/performer but also showcases his understanding of how he used the media to ramp up exposure. An article in the LA Times talks about his mastery of marketing, how he “often performed for free in front of newspaper offices to enormous crowds — and newspaper photographers — on the eve of his paid performances.”

He would even hire his own cameramen to film his escapes for use in his lectures, says art curator Brooke Kamin Rapaport.

“In his day, Houdini was so famous not only because he was a master showman on stage but also because he was able to promote his work to a broad public,” says Rapaport. “His significance endures because of the visual record — the posters, photographs, film and magic apparatus — that we have today.” More here.

The tools of promotion have changed but conjuring the magic of marketing is still the goal. How to pull attention to yourself, make yourself interesting to others. It is my belief that standout artists present their talent and heart to the world with authentic passion. Houdini so wanted to be an entertainer he ran away from home at 12 to join the circus!

Are you ready to run toward your dreams and goals of being an artist on your own terms?

Peace and prosperity,