BLOG*June 30, 2011

Director Spalenka

When I decided to publish my first illustrated novel, The Visions of Vespertina, came to mind to garner support. This online crowd funding website has really taken off and now their are others to increase the competition. I like the way Kickstarter supports creative projects.  It is amazing how well different projects have done through the help of this funding platform.

In a nutshell you pitch your product to the world and see who is interested enough to donate or pre-order your art, movie, book, etc. You offer rewards for specific amounts of product or extras. If you reach your desired financial goal by your deadline the funds are released to you. A video is a helpful tool to perk up interest. The quality of these infomercials range from sophisticated to doh!

I wanted to create a “trailer” for my book and so decided to film actors and my art using green screen technology. If all goes well I should have it up on Kickstarter in about two weeks. I will keep you informed. So for all you courageous Artist As Brand® (yes I now have a registered trademark!) entrepreneurs, crowd funding is a viable solution to jump start the production on your labor of love.