BLOG*July 19, 2011

It is that time of year again when San Diego is transformed into a popular art culture paradise. Being a part of this event for twenty years has informed much of my course instruction with AAB. It has really turned into a monster of an event. If you have not been to it, check it out as a homework assignment. You learn much about the art of promotion here, and see how others are building their art empires.

This Wed-Sunday, July 20-24th I will be in booth #5553 with lots of surprises. Take a peek at my novel The Visions of Vespertina through a version of the Crescoptiscope.

I have ten newly published copies of Masters of Science Fiction and Fantasy Art: A Collection of the Most Inspiring Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Gaming Illustrators in the World for purchase. I am in the company of some amazing artists in this book, Brom, Kinuko Craft, Dan Dos Santos, Donato, Charles Vess, Stephan Martiniere, James Gurney, etc.

It has been a while since I made art at the booth so my paints and art materials are coming with me. I will be drawing, painting and taking commissions! There will be lots of art at this show, vintage and new.

This year I am sharing my booth with my honey Roxana and her botanical perfumes as well as with artist Douglas Sirois. I look forward to seeing everyone.