BLOG*September 7, 2011

Handmade Bookkeeping Spreadsheet 2.0 – Bookkeeping for Etsy Sellers

For anyone who uses Etsy to sell any of their work might want to check out this bookkeeping program. It is a one product solution to all of your bookkeeping needs—specifically for handmade artists. I have not used it as I have a bookkeeper to do this work for me, but have heard good things. For those who are starting out and cannot afford a bookkeeper right away, this is a good way to organize your business.

This robust bookkeeping system allows you to track the following data:

– Raw Materials

– Finished Inventory

– Monthly Sales

– Monthly Expenses

– Marketing data

– Social Media statistics

– Cash/Bank/PayPal Accounts

– Sales Tax

– IRS Mileage

– Bill Tracker

– COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) Calculator

– Contacts

– And more!

Not only is the data entry created in a way that is very user friendly, but it has relevant and insightful reporting that is created automatically!

– Reports for each month (34 graphical reports to choose from)

– Reports for the year (155 graphical reports to choose from)

Check it out here.

Remember your business is as important as your art.