BLOG*October 27, 2011

Kendall Students

I presented an Artist As Brand workshop at Kendall College of Art and Design this past weekend and wow, these students were on fire! They were already formulating ideas for a multimedia community art event to be held at the school next year. I was impressed with the strong independent art spirits in this group. Go Kendall!

The amazing life coach Greg Montana was Skyped into our session pumping up the group. Twenty eight students, alumni and faculty stuck it out for the three ten hour days. You could feel the love! See more pics here.

Artist As Brand was a complete success!!! 3 day illustration boot camp, followed by a lovely dinner with the amazing illustrator that created it!… I have had the best weekend ever!! I mean ever!!…. priceless.
-Amanda Schaub

I am going for what I want in life. I’m getting my mind, body, and soul together and failure is a foreign word now.
-La’kenya Shauray Terrell

I can’t thank Greg enough for sharing his wealth of knowledge and more importantly, touching my heart.
-Kirbi Fagan

Sweet! I will be back next year.

Thank you also to Christine Brown, Nancy Hart, and Jon Mcdonald for introducing me to such an awesome school.