BLOG*November 24, 2011

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The Artist As Brand Workbook is an easy read and jam packed with all kinds of resources. It’s great to keep looking back to.”
-Miranda Sharp, Student, Kendall College of Art & Design, Michigan

“I received a map and tools—where to go and what to do when I got there. And confidence, that I CAN be an entrepreneur with my own art and not have to rely on other people giving me work.”
-Gina Terzino, Artist, Los Angeles

“You have finally put it all in perspective. I understand how to make my unique voice heard. I see the power and goodness of where my heart is telling me to go. I can finally stop waiting and dive into a new blue sea.”
-Kari Christensen, Professional Illustrator, New York



You can now own the official PDF (digital) textbook participants use while taking the Artist As Brand Workshop. It is for serious creative individuals, students and professionals who want to manifest prosperity from their art, on their own terms. You will learn about the history behind Artist As Brand as well as it’s synergistic principles. It has live links throughout that can be utilized while reading through the material.

What’s included?


• Learn your Core Virtue. Knowing your Core Virtue is the first step to establishing a foundation which your career is built upon. This intimate part of yourself is a driving force in your life, it goes deeper than your art. Declaring this core purpose aligns your heart with your art in a profound manner.

• Design a Vision Board. Learn how to target the exclusive niche markets that will make up your one of kind art empire.


• Design your art and project/product line. We look at artists who are successful in this area, and new approaches to making income from your art. Define what art and projects/products can manifest from your Vision Board.

• Create an innovative marketing blueprint that integrates high tech and high touch medias. These are two very different but synergistic marketing models. You learn how to best utilize these promotional mediums.

• The simple yet powerful art of business and commerce. Are you an art hobbyist or an art professional? If you are selling art you are a business, start acting like one.

• Connect with artist entrepreneur leaders. Creating community and hooking up with those who are successful will keep you inspired and in the company of great people.

• Your Name, Tagline, and art of the Blurb. The name of your business, and how you represent it is a reflection of your professionalism whether it is online or in person. Learn how to introduce and represent yourself to people. Most artists do not have a clue how to speak with others about who they are and what they do.


• Commit to sustainability. You will design a five year marketing strategy that takes a serious look at your finances, living situation, and overall goals personally and professionally. What is possible? Connecting to your BHAG.

• Recognize the potential in team building, and the power of a Mastermind. Your peers can be some of your greatest assets from a personal, professional and moral support capacity.

Read the book, do the work, take the steps even if they are little ones, and you will reap the rewards. Dive into the Artist As Brand Workbook and begin to see your art career in a new and unique light.


“Greg, I wanted to thank you for giving us the tools to really go forward with our art businesses.
– Diana Levin, Artist, Los Angeles

I gained perspective on my future and myself. There is a world of possibilities for artists.”
-Tannie Duong, Student, San Francisco Academy of Art

“I finished the Artist As Brand Workbook and really liked it. It has everything an artist needs to know to get started.”
-Mariana Benkovic Zeljko, Artist, Croatia

*All sales of the Artist As Brand® Workbook are final and there are no refunds.