BLOG*November 16, 2011

Ideas flow through me like water. They can be drips, streams or rivers but they are always moving through my mind and spirit. If not for meditation I do not know how I would sleep at night! Of course even a great idea is just an idea until you make it real so the challenge becomes the art of the start.

Jerry Gretzinger’s idea started with the drawing of a small map. Watch this video on how a simple idea continued to grow into new possibilities. He sells mainly on Ebay and has an interesting approach to expanding his collector base-

“A word on my pricing of the prints and originals: when posting a panel for the first time I put it out at 120% of the average price paid to date for that type of panel. If it hasn’t sold after 30 days I mark it down 20%. I keep doing that every 30 days until it is sold. I want you all to become collectors, and I want The Map to be affordable for everyone. I will let the market set the price.”

May your ideas extend outward and create new territories in art and life.