BLOG*February 29, 2012

Twitter like all social media has its place in your promotional line up. The key is to remain fairly consistent with your tweets just like your blog posts. I suggest “pulsing” your promotion. Like your heartbeat it does not do much good if it stops for a long period of time. Keep your tweets vital and informative.

To follow or not to follow other tweeters? Following others can increase your exposure.

Your Twitter can become a portfolio. If you tweet photos, it all collects in a gallery by your profile, so people can easily access them (up to 100 of your most recent photos). All you have to do is click on the tweet box and there is an camera icon to click on.

Learn from some Twitter masters:

Banzai Chicks
Mark Murphy Design
Irene Gallo
Daniel Lexo
Maria Brophy
Douglas Rushkoff

Who are some of your favorite tweeters?