BLOG*May 3, 2012

Sign Up deadline is Now.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! and Artist As Brand are aligning to bring creative empowerment and prosperity to artists in Kansas City, May, 2012.

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live! is a natural extension of the eighteen-year success of the award-winning Spectrum: The Best In Contemporary Fantastic Art annual.

I designed the Artist As Brand Workshop for all artists who desire clarity of purpose in their art, and want a proven method to attract fans, patrons, collectors. It is open to all serious artists, students and professionals. Learn the secrets of connecting the power of your essence with your art directly to the people who will buy it, and see how these principles can be applied at an event like Spectrum Live.

All participants will receive free access to all three days of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. The workshop is held at the Historic Aladdin Holiday Inn Hotel, just blocks from the convention center.

Learn more about the workshop on the ABOUT page.
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See what art professors, professionals, and college students are saying on the RESULTS page.

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