BLOG*May 30, 2012

The Artist As Brand Gang in Kansas City.

May 15-20 in Kansas City, MO was a special week indeed. Not only did I have a rocking group of talented artists who ranged from student to professional, coming from eight states for the Artist As Brand workshop, but Spectrum Fantastic Art Live opened a door to the future of art career sustainability. We had Alex Ruiz from California, David Frizell- Kansas, Tyler Davis-Utah,  Sue Cornelison and Paul Micich– Iowa, John Wagenman- Texas, Tara Chang– Washington, Sean Fitzgibbon– Arkansas, Julio Morales and student Jake Gorman– Missouri.

This was an awesome opportunity for the participants to see how what they learned in the workshop could be applied in an event like Spectrum Live. Arnie and Cathy Fenner did a great job with the convention for its grand opening even though the crowds were on the light side. The future is bright for this event. See more here.

Paul shot video from his iPhone of everyone voicing their core purpose. Your innate purpose, truth, virtue, is the foundation of your being and an attribute we align with in the workshop. It is beautiful and profound.

One of my goals with this work is to bring clarity to your career path. For instance Tyler had difficulty making a decision between teaching full time or focusing on creating his art. He just sent me this email, “I decided to put off large scale teaching until I have a few more years of experience and am going to sell my art products to build my empire!”

Right on brother! Go for it. I am with you!