BLOG*May 23, 2012

Spectrum Fantastic Art Live debuted in Kansas City last week with an aura of inspiration. Truly one of the most amazing groups of talent in one place I have ever experienced. Much credit goes to Arnie and Cathy Fenner along with their dedicated team. They pulled together a professional show that included educational panels and speakers as well as an awards show that blew the lid off any other art awards show existing today. Academy awards look out! I presented the Institutional, Silver and Gold winners on the stage of the beautiful 1927 Midland theater. More pics on the floor of the show here and  here.

It was wonderful seeing sooo many friends and their creations all in one place. It reminded me of Comic Con in the very early days. I was selling posters, prints, postcard sets, music, as well as signing lots of books, Magic cards, and meeting new collectors. Roxana was doing even better as her scents had people sniffing the air and making a beeline to her elegant showcase.

I moderated a panel titled, Artist As Brand, Rise of the Artist Entrepreneur with Michael Whelan, Donato Giancola, William Stout, Virginie Ropars, and Arnie Fenner. Lovely group with much synergy. A large crowd joined the conversation.

Three days before I set up a booth with Roxana for the show, I presented an Artist As Brand® workshop at the Aladdin Hotel to ten individuals who traveled from across America to experience the seminar together. More on this soon. Greg Montana was Skyped in for a live coaching session and Roxana gave an inspired presentation too.

The poignant documentary film by Maria Cabardo, Better Things, Life & Choices of Jeffrey Catherine Jones premiered at Spectrum Live too. This is a beautiful biopic. Well done!