BLOG*June 11, 2012

I am honored to be returning to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco to present a two day Artist As Brand workshop.


Academy of Art University

July 7-8, 10:00- 8:00, Saturday/Sunday

540 Powell st. San Francisco, CA 94105

Limited to 20 participants

Do you have stories and visions you want to share with the world? Whether you are a student who is ready to start an art career, a teacher who wants to make income from their creations, or a professional artist who is tired of pumping out work for the film, game, publishing, and advertising industries, this workshop is for you. Get ready for the future of art career sustainability.

Come prepared for some serious introspection on personal goals as well as mind bending concepts on perceiving your art career differently. You will learn how to connect with your fans, patrons and collectors directly. I guarantee you will not look at your talent the same way again.

Some testimonials from last years AAB workshop at AAU

“I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are amazing. I believe that small business ventures are essential to the health and wealth of our country. You have found a path through the forest of corporate trees and soon it will be a well traveled road.”
-Shelley Masters, Artist, Muralist, Teacher

“I’m very thankful to have taken your workshop. I’ve learned so much. I’ve even blogged about you on my artblog check it out
-Diane Pascual, Artist, Writer

“Greg’s seminar will provide the spark to get your creative fire burning bright!”
-Dan Dion, Photographer

“Clarity and direction have been issues for me… The workshop helped me take my broad ideas and narrow them down to manageable starting points.”
-Summer Love, Environmental Designer

“Thank You Greg!! For planting seeds in my mind for what is possible in developing an art business.”
-Cameron Chun, Artist