BLOG*August 7, 2012

I have heard artists say, “My art is not a product!”

If you sell your art it is a product. If you create an edition of prints it is part of your product line. One of my favorite indie artists, Jeff Soto just started a product line of clothing.

The name Stormcloudz came to Soto several years ago- “A storm cloud can be one of the most beautiful, powerful and sometimes dangerous forces of nature. I think the same can be said of art. It can be beautiful and at the same time it has the power to make people think and great art can make people act! I titled my last NYC art exhibit Stormclouds and thought that someday it could be a fun name for a brand.”

A brand you say? Jeff Soto is the brand, Stormcloudz is the name of the company.

Stormcloudz is rooted in Soto’s love of the natural world, with designs featuring owls, skulls, flowers and mythical beasts. Visually the line takes inspiration from Soto’s involvement in different artistic genres- graffiti, gig posters, skateboard graphics, illustration and fine art. It is very much an apparel project designed by an artist for people with artistic, creative minds.

Currently, Stormcloudz apparel can be found online at Tilly’s.

He also asks to keep in touch on his Facebook page, Twitter feed and website. He would also like you to get involved! They have stickers and want to give them to you. Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

c/o F4D Studios
9960 Indiana Ave, Ste 9
Riverside, CA 92503

Jeff Soto is turning into an Artist As Brand master! Go Jeff!