BLOG*September 25, 2012

Cedar City Airport

I departed the plane at Cedar City airport and walked into what appeared to be a living room or a snuggly lodge in the mountains. Plush chairs, side tables with plants, wood paneling and a fireplace greeted me with a down home quality I had never experienced in an airport before. It was really nice!

When Ben Sowards invited me to present a workshop at Southern Utah University I jumped at the opportunity. Ben had taken the workshop at BYU two years earlier and now wanted to share the experience with his students.

Cedar City is known for Bryce Canyon Natl. Park. and its Shakespeare Festival. It has many cute Inns and Bed & Breakfasts. I stayed at the Big Yellow Inn an elegant Georgian Revival Bed & Breakfast.

The students, faculty and alumni at SUU were so warm and friendly I felt embraced like family. Ben took me to the Centrum Arena where I lectured to an audience of two hundred.

Some of the SUU Workshop Participants (Ben is on the left)

The workshop was more intimate and filled with a group of enthusiastic students, alumni and faculty. I love seeing the lights go on in people’s hearts and minds when they dive into the work and see themselves clearly. For many it is a powerful and cathartic when this happens so there are always tears at my workshops. This group jumped in with open hearts and much transformation was realized.

After that first realization they focus on melding their talent with the entrepreneurial spirit. There is real excitement when they recognize the potential of their unique ideas becoming reality. Building an industry around their creations instills a sense of freedom. It still takes fortitude and hard work but at the end of the day the productions are their own and so is the prosperity.

Student, Vachelle Thomas had this to say: “The Artist As Brand workshop was truly transformational. I feel so hopeful, like I have never felt before, and I want to thank you. I’ve spoken about the workshop daily, with people who attended and with others, to refine my core virtue statement and to sound out opportunities.”

That’s the spirit, Vachelle! I am looking forward to seeing the results of this group’s passion.

The morning before I flew back to LA, Ben took me to see the sun rise over Zion’s Kolob Canyon.

It was spectacular.

Thanks Ben! And thank you to all my new art spirit friends in Cedar City.

All photos by Ben Sowards.