BLOG*January 22, 2013



 Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2 and I are bringing the workshop that has been called “phenomenal, and life transforming” back to Kansas City. Learn the secrets of connecting the power of your art to your collectors, and see how these principles can be applied at an event like Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 2. It is an amazing opportunity.

All participants will receive a free pass to all three days of Spectrum Fantastic Art Live. The workshop is held at the Historic Aladdin Holiday Inn Hotel, just blocks from the convention center.

Learn more about the workshop on the ABOUT page. Read the FAQs page before signing up. See what art professors, professionals, and college students are saying on the RESULTS page.

Register Below. Want to take the workshop but need more time to pay for it? Take up to six months to pay (no payments, no fees, no interest for up to six months) with PayPal’s, Bill Me Later financing option. Details on the PayPal site when you purchase.

$395 for Etsy Sellers, Deviant Art Members, and students

$495 for all others

The Artist As Brand workshop has revolutionized the way I look at everything about my work and its relationship to my overall level of fulfillment. I am certain that the Artist As Brand experience will mark a pivotal point in my career. Thank you Greg, for your hard work, innovation, and inspiration in the creation of something so significant.”
-Ben Soward, Illustrator, Professor at Southern Utah University, 

“Your workshop was amazing! Every hour was packed with useful information–I feel like I learned a year’s worth of material in only three days. You’d think that having that much info crammed into my head in such a short period of time would be exhausting, but instead I feel re-energized. I’ve been so focused on trying to find an art job that I’d almost forgotten what it was like to paint something that I felt passionate about. Your workshop showed me that making a living and living my dream could co-exist after all. Thank you, a million times!”
-Alyssa Parsons, Student at Kendall College of Art and Design

“We received a map and tools—where to go and what to do when we got there. And confidence, that we CAN be entrepreneurs with our own art and not have to rely on other people giving us work. If you are an artist and feel a pull to be making a living doing what you love by your art, TAKE THIS CLASS. No, seriously sign up, and TAKE THIS CLASS. NOW.” 
-Gina Terzino, Artist

“Truly life changing and inspirational.”
-Chad “Hero” Hardin, Illustrator, Comic Artist

“I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work. You are amazing. I believe that small business ventures are essential to the health and wealth of our country. You have found a path through the forest of corporate trees and soon it will be a well traveled road.” 
-Shelley Masters, Artist, Muralist, Teacher

“I really enjoyed my experience at Greg Spalenka’s Artist As Brand workshop last May (Spectrum Live). It gave me a lot of insight and really helped me to clarify where I come from as an artist and as a person. This is helping me more authentically shape my current choices and know that what I’m choosing is in alignment with my very essence! Nothing is more important to me.  Big thanks to Greg for guiding and supporting me in this process.”
-Tara Larson Chang, Artist, Founder TLC Workshops

“I’ve been a designer and illustrator for 30 years, picking up a lot of varied kinds of work that I’ve loved doing, from book illustration to art direction, creative direction, to video, plus the constant of music performance and writing. A fun list, but pulling in many directions. Greg Spalenka’s “Artist As Brand” workshop (Spectrum Live) was very helpful in bringing me back to focusing my output on painting with new energy and heart. When I look back at the output and learning of the last several months, I see many pieces I’ve made that I value, many pieces I’m sure wouldn’t be there without having taken the “Artist As Brand” workshop. I’m very grateful to Greg for the experience.”
– Paul Micich, Illustrator, Song Writer/Musician