BLOG*January 30, 2013

Robert Suchan, aka “Aunt Barbara” sells Tupperware

Your High Touch promotion is important for increasing your numbers of  fans and collectors. These are all the events you go to, to meet your people face to face. It creates a bond between you both. How you dress and carry yourself during these events reflects on you as a person, and an artist. At Comic Con for instance some artists dress up as characters and really play the part.

Robert Suchan created a character he calls ‘Aunt Barbara’ to help sell Tupperware. He has been so successful selling his products with this persona that it draws a cult following, and last year made him $275,000 in sales – a Tupperware ‘milestone.’ You could say his art is his comedic flair that just happens to sell Tupperware. Bottom line is he is doing what he loves and reaping the benefits.