BLOG*February 15, 2013


Creating promotional items that support and compliment the overall vision of your brand is what smart advertising is all about. One way to gain attention and get shared by people is creating a Lookbook through Issuu allows you to publish zines, magazines, books, etc. online. You can use their free service or pay for more options, but either way you will be able to showcase a multi-layered piece of art that reflects your story or the spirit of the project to a new audience.

I have worked on two Lookbooks with Roxana Illuminated Perfume that focused on holidays, Christmas and Valentines Day. In both we use a theme that evokes the qualities of the season and showcases our work in the context of a story (literal or not) that we feel is going to resonate with people.

Above is the 94 page Lookbook called Love Essence. Click on the image to view. It celebrates a trilogy of love.

Below is the Twelve Days of Christmas holiday Lookbook that was up last year. Click on the image to view. It is still getting hits. Issuu offers you the opportunity to create unique promotions and expand the reach of your niche markets.