BLOG*April 3, 2013

A pic from my patron Kelly Alton

Fans, patrons and collectors who truly love your art want to you to know they appreciate it beyond just purchasing it from you. They will send pictures of how they framed it or where they placed it in their home. Above is an example of a simple print that one of my collectors has framed, then took a pic and sent it to me.

How sweet is that!?

Of course some of you may think what is the big deal, it is just a framed poster on a wall. The big deal is that next time it could be a much more expensive piece that is hanging within this fan’s home. To take the time to frame, take a pic and send it shows these people are proud of their relationship with you and your vision and are most likely sharing you with all of their friends too.

This is the bond that artists can expect when they connect with the people who love their art. It is a different paradigm when someone buys a piece of yours in a gallery for investment purposes. Generally you will not see that art again, nor will you know who the buyer is.

Nurture these relationships and they will nurture you in return.