BLOG*August 20, 2013

I have mentioned Kickstarter before but it is nice to see it can be consistent for artists and even their fans. It appears a fan of Amanda Palmer (Palmer’s last Kickstarter garnered over $1,000,000.00) has decided to create a tarot deck around her and has pulled in as of this post $45,000. There is still two weeks left in this campaign. That is a nice chunk of change to start any project. Here.

If you are complaining that you do not have enough cash to start anything then crowd funding is one way to infuse your business with capital without going to the banking industry or using credit cards. Even if the first attempt does not live up to its expectations you have started the momentum and can do another one with more knowledge about what to do better next time. So rev up those crowd funding engines and let the world know you have something worth investing in.

By the way, if you have not seen the TED talk Palmer gave a little while ago, it is a MUST SEE. Here.