BLOG*June 27, 2014

In case you missed these pics on Facebook here is the amazing group that participated in the Denver Artist As Brand Workshop. Jon Schindehette, Tom Samo, Keith Goble, Cayce Goldberg, Crystal Sully, Tawny Fritz, Elliot Lang, Michelle Barnes, Kayla Edgar, Charlotte Ricker rocked their art empires at the Helikon Gallery.

Cayce is the brainchild behind this amazing forward thinking gallery. Go and see Helikon now and see what the future of a gallery can be. Check out each of these professional artists and the amazing Jon Schindehette, who is also a mentor to artists everywhere.

Lastly, I spoke at the Denver Comic Con about my career and moderated an art career sustainability panel with Jon Schindehette, Daniel Davis, Dave Rapoza, and Michael C. Hayes. I will be back in Denver next year!