BLOG*November 19, 2014

Presenting an Artist As Brand Workshop in Cali, Colombia via the Colombo Americano in association with the American Embassy, Festival Calicomix and the Universidad ICESI was an amazing experience! Michael Cadena the Director of Cultural Affairs with Colombo Americano was a gracious host along with his team of photographers, videographers, translators, and organizers. I am grateful for his focus and attention.

The participants were  group of students, professionals and professors. There is a tremendous desire for artists to make a living from their talent but they have some hurdles to jump, one which is Colombia’s unreliable postal service.  There was a lot of brainstorming  on how to overcome these challenges and a much needed confidence booster.

 The government which subsidized much of the art for years has now pulled back and the art communities suffer. They must find their own way now.

The workshop was very much needed and I hope to return to continue the teaching and inspire this group to start their own art festival.

Overall the artists were passionate and talented. The language difference was not an issue as we had instantaneous translating via headsets and microphones. It was awesome.

I was in a national paper and…

 on TV answering questions HERE.

I presented lectures at Colombo Americano and a special library of comic art keeping my translators very busy! I enjoyed Cali and Colombia very much and hope to return soon.