BLOG*October 25, 2015


“You’re rushing out the door for another day at the office, and catch your reflection in the mirror. You look awesome obviously, but you’re not ready yet.

Don’t get me wrong. That yellow cardigan is on point, and your peter-pan collar is just too cute, but something is missing here.

A little bit of edge?

A little bit more of your self…

You need just a little bit of Wonderland in your life!

Not too much Wonderland, now. You’re off to work, not the Mad Hatter’s unbirthday party. That will have to wait for the weekend.

Until then, you reach into your closet and pull out your jewelry box to find just the right dash of madness, just the right pinch of individuality – just the right amount of Wonderland – and you know your outfit is complete… read more here.

This is the story Richelle owner of  Red Scorpio Handmade begins to tell about her Wonderland collection of jewelry, connecting it directly to her niche audience. Weaving a tale that relates to real life conditions with a fantasy twist is smart advertising copy. Bravo!

Give this copywriting technique a try with your next promotional pitch. Check out Red Scorpio Handmade’s blog too. Much there to learn from.