BLOG*February 26, 2016


“In our obsession with optimizing our creative routines and maximizing our productivity, we’ve forgotten how to be truly present in the gladdening mystery of life.” – Maria Popova

When was the last time someone you know, over the age of 18, complained about having too little to do? “Busy has a dangerous allure. If your normal is busy, it’s tough to sit quietly with your thoughts or to really feel what you’re feeling,” writes Dina Kaplan in “The Cult of Busy.”

For instance, I have been so busy it has been difficult keeping up with these posts. Of course most of us are working harder than ever before to make a living. Keeping some balance is important to keeping our sanity. Here is a great article by Ryan Stevens Marketing that dives into some of the reasons why we are so busy these days and ways to keep it from burying us.