BLOG*April 26, 2015

My Artist As Brand Workshop in June of last year at Helikon Gallery in Denver had a very proactive group of artists. They decided at the end of the workshop to manifest a book and gallery show together. They created a concept amongst themselves and then produced an IndieGoGo crowd funding event to pay for the printing of the book which has been achieved!

I was asked to be a part of this project and am honored to do so as they have been using the principles learned in the workshop to really get this off the ground. The show will be this June 5 at Helikon Gallery. Stop by if you are in town.

I always encourage my students to jump in with their projects and get them started ASAP. My workshop in Seattle, in conjunction with TLC Workshops and Krab Jab Studio a few months ago has inspired this group to work on a collaborative project too! I will keep everyone here on my blog updated as to their progress.

Check out the, Strange Conversations IndieGoGo campaign to see how it was done, then create your own!

BLOG*April 11, 2015

If you have a story to tell with your images, any story at all, this is a great place to start building your fan base for it. See you there.

BLOG*March 25, 2015

Digital Trends for 2015.

Check them out HERE.

BLOG*March 15, 2015

The Artist As Brand two day workshop at Krab Jab Studio was a large group of twenty students, beginners and professionals. Having taught this class to over five hundred students it is fascinating how the chemistry changes from venue to venue. Some of the students in this bunch were mainly interested in hard core marketing tactics, others embraced the holistic side to the course, others struggled with old paradigms of the artist not appearing to be a business.

All entrepreneurial teachers and coaches will tell you that your business must have a solid foundation of purpose in place before you do anything. Your purpose is your brand. Some of the artists in this group were taking an old school fine art approach to showcasing and selling their art and the Artist As Brand model was a challenge for them. I come across this mindset all the time. The elitism of the fine art world is still alive and well (especially in academic circles) and so it takes some courage to jump into the future of art commerce.

Thank you to Tara Larsen Chang with TLC Workshops for facilitating the class and Julie Baroh at Krab Jab Studio for opening her gallery to us. It was incredibly inspiring with all the amazing art around us! Part of this AAB group is inspired to create a product and a show next year with Krab Jab in alignment with Mythic Worlds and also with Nantes a city in France. It is going to be amazing!

BLOG*February 11, 2015

The Agoura Hills, CA workshop in Mitchell’s Bookshop was a delight! The group was small but mighty! We had some of the most amazing talent in this room.

Aerin Holt the founder and artist director of California Contemporary Ballet Company and Dance Studio, composer and pianist Elliot Anders, painter and traveler Nubia Gala-Selbert, artist, graphic designer and creative wild woman Linda Lalande, singer-song writer Alexandra Harris and the multi-faceted artist lawyer-to-be Michelle Mitchell.

Wonderful synergy within this very focused and high powered class.

Below are two quick videos that Linda and Nubia took voicing their heart virtues. Love it.


BLOG*January 20, 2015


Artist As Brand Workshop

This workshop in Seattle is going to be amazing! One week left to register. Wed-Thurs, Feb 18-19, 10am-8pm

TLC Workshops in association with Mythic Worlds (free admission to Mythic Worlds with this workshop) and Krab Jab Studio (this group will show with Krab Jab in 2016) makes this a once in a lifetime workshop. This workshop is guaranteed to transform the way you approach your art career with results!

5628 Airport Way S, Ste 150
Seattle, WA 98108

BLOG*January 14, 2015

Are you are goal setting, goal getting maniac? If you are reading this you probably have some ambitious genes floating around your DNA.

Defining your goals creates a blueprint for the path you can take, then you must start with those first steps. There is an art to being a goal getter, and this article by Joy Cho, the founder of the graphic design studio, “Oh Joy” shares some wonderful insight on the finer points of staying the course. HERE.

BLOG*January 8, 2015

The Young Adult category of books has done very well with a lot of help from Harry Potter novels in the nineties. If you are a writer, or an illustrator writing your own books this crowd may be yours. It encompasses a broad audience from 12 year olds through adult with a wide range of subjects.

The annual event known as YALLFest: The Charleston Young Adult Book Festival, has become the largest YA book festival in the South, attracting a mostly teen and middle-school audience of 8,000. Now it is coming to Los Angeles. Read more…

BLOG*December 11, 2014

The Artist As Brand Workshop is coming to Agoura
for a two day class, Sat. – Sun. Jan. 31 – Feb. 1

This is the first time an Artist As Brand workshop has been offered in Agoura! It will be held at the Mitchells Bookshop. 28914 Roadside Dr, unit #214, Agoura Hills, CA 91301. Located in Whizin Market Square, in the atrium second floor.

The Artist As Brand Workshop is the only course that aligns the heart of your artistic vision with entrepreneurial principles for long term prosperity.

This college level course was designed for all who want to bring clarity to their creative vision and learn methods to earn a living from it. If you are a high school or college student who is ready to make income from their talent, or a professional who is stuck and looking for a new direction, or just wants to sell more artwork, the Artist As Brand Workshop will inspire new paths to art career sustainability!

 10:00 am – 8:00 pm each day. Ten people max.



“I needed help getting my own personal art and business off the ground and running. That is where the Artist As Brand Workshop came to my rescue. It allowed me to plan for my success while still having time to create! It even made me a better artist in general, because it gave me the confidence to KNOW that I can succeed with my art. Knowing I could succeed with my own art made me want to BECOME a better artist!”
-–Alex Ruiz

“Setting out on a career in art is like walking a tightrope. For many the way will prove to be too narrow, the tensions will change, or the wire will take an unexpected turn. But what if you could turn the tightrope into a road? The Artist As Brand Workshop contains all the tools you need to build the road to success in art: tools, motivation, and personal insight. It is invaluable. I highly recommend it.
--Todd Lockwood

“Greg’s class helped me to clarify my vision and build confidence in my goals. Deciphering my Core Virtue has given me radical entrepreneurial energy!”
-Katy Betz

“I can’t thank Greg enough for sharing his wealth of knowledge and more importantly, touching my heart. I feel more confident in what I am capable of as an artist and a business woman. I now can answer honestly the hard questions about the future of my business and can see the Art market in a different perspective. Greg proves that you can do what you love and have sustainability. I am empowered!”
-Kirbi Fagan (KCAD graduate)

See what other art professors, professionals, and college students are saying HERE.

Please read the Artist As Brand policies HERE.

BLOG*December 5, 2014

Business tips 101 from Check them out…

-20 tips for dramatically better emails.

-9 growth hacks any small business can implement.

-A pattern exists in internet communities where 1% of people create the content, 9% will edit or contribute and 90% will watch from the sidelines. Focus on the 1%.
-We’re really enjoying Peter Thiel’s Zero to One guide to startups. A++ would recommend.
-Trivia for the week: World Standards Day is celebrated internationally each year on the 14th of October. Except for in the US, who celebrate on the 23rd of October.
-Related: I’ll be speaking at the WooThemes WooConf on Tuesday in SF. Let me know if you’re going, I’d love to buy you a coffee.
-Three tips for emailing a busy person.
-HubSpot generate a whopping 50% of their revenues (around $50m) from their channel sales program. Here is how to build a channel sales program like HubSpot.
-A great guide to cold calling.
-Some people retire at 65. Others are still going well into their 90’s.