BLOG*December 16, 2015


The new updated Artist As Brand Workbook will be available in January 2016, and is ready for pre-order!

As the tech world changes and promotional models change along with it, professional artists must adjust and evolve. The original principles of the Artist As Brand path are powerful guides for planning your art career, and now they have been expanded. Every chapter has been revisited, updated and revised.

Mentoring hundreds of students, professors and art professionals around the USA and in South America has given me a unique perspective on the modern day art market. I am a firm believer that an entrepreneurial approach is essential for art career sustainability.

The new e-books are slated to be ready for delivery by the end of Jan.

Still $29.95.

“This workbook sits on my bookshelf and is getting worn out because I am constantly referencing it. I have found it incredibly useful. There are some really good worksheets to help bring out the best ideas. The part that I particularly love, is detailed break downs of the five year plan. Yes, this is specifically targeted for Artists but I have discovered that as a business woman this book is also remarkable for guidelines for marketing and strategy of all kinds. Over all, the book is very well put together, easy to understand, and a blast to work with! I absolutely recommend it.” – Heidi Paredes

BLOG*November 30, 2015

Listening to our heart is an important part of any sustainable business passion. It is the science of our Heart/Mind connection that keeps us going and glowing. Jason Silva eloquently discusses our infinite potential as a form of existential jazz.

BLOG*November 24, 2015


Shopify has some great forums on business practices. The following was a good one on adding an affiliate program to your shop. The goal behind an affiliate program is to reward those who promote you.

Orlando Chavez inquires, “I want to start an affiliate program for my store. I would like to get some feedback from on how to run a good affiliate program and what apps do you guys recommend….”

Check out the thread… 


BLOG*November 12, 2015


Creating Prosperity Consciousness

I am a firm believer in balancing mind, body and spirit in love, art and life. Mind and body are generally first in line for attention, but it is the spirit– with its subtle, underlining influence that keeps us inspired. Spiritual principles can be a tricky subject with people especially if they are atheists, but I think we can all agree that there are universal laws, and intelligent energies in this reality even though we may not understand them completely.

Paramahansa Yogananda was a yogi (some would say saint) from India who came to America in 1920 to open people’s minds and hearts around the concept of a divine essence that is in everything, and how we can access this power for our well being and others. There is a film on him that recently came out (now on Netflix), called, Awake. Here are some edited excerpts from one of his lectures about the superconscious mind and prosperity:

Abundance, material as well as spiritual, is a structural expression of rita, cosmic law or natural righteousness…. Every saint who has penetrated to the core of Reality has testified that a divine universal plan exists and that it is beautiful and full of joy. 

If you feel love for all the world’s inhabitants as for your own family, recognizing no inner difference between any of the outwardly different nationalities, then you are establishing a legitimate astral right to your share of earth’s capital.

Those who seek prosperity for themselves alone are in the end bound to become poor, or to suffer from mental inharmony; but those who consider the whole world as their home, and who really care and work for group or world prosperity, activate astral forces that lead them ultimately to the place where they can find the individual prosperity that is legitimately theirs. This is a sure and secret law.

Whether one prospers is not dependent solely upon one’s creative ability, but also upon his past actions, and on his present efforts to activate the astral law of cause and effect. If mankind as a whole behaved unselfishly, the power of that law would distribute prosperity equally to all men, without exception. Those who by potent good thoughts and actions rouse this astral power to create positive prosperity succeed wherever they go, whether they are in prosperous or poverty-stricken environments.

There is a way to overcome the unfavorable results of past actions. The causes of failure must be destroyed and a new cause for success set in motion. Contact the superconscious source of success and prosperity. The conscious mind alone cannot initiate a new cause that will bring positive success in any direction; but when the human mind attunes itself to God, in the state of superconsciousness, it can be sure of success; for the superconscious mind is in tune with this unlimited power.

Absolute success signifies the power to create at will what you need by developing your unlimited superconscious power.  Western brothers and sisters need to learn that the mind is greater than its inventions. 

…learn that money without health and peace is not success, and that peace and health without money for necessities do not make a complete or successful life. 

Exercise the manifesting power of affirmation. …you must eradicate from your mind all thoughts of limitation and poverty. Universal Mind is perfect and knows no lack; to reach that never-failing supply, you must maintain a consciousness of abundance. Even when you do not know where the next dollar is coming from, you should refuse to be apprehensive. When you do your part and rely on Spirit, you will find that mysterious forces come to your aid and that your constructive wishes soon materialize. 

Affirmation: “I am always rich, for I have access to the Cosmic Storehouse. I will go forth in perfect faith, in the power of Omnipresent Good, to bring me what I need, at the time I need it.” 

BLOG*November 5, 2015


It is always good to know in advance the dates for your Holiday Sale Opportunities. These are the important ones through the end of the year:

VETERANS DAY – November 11


***BLACK FRIDAY – November 27***


***CYBER MONDAY – November 30***

HANUKKAH – December 7-14


CHRISTMAS DAY – December 25

BOXING DAY – December 26

KWANZAA – December 26-January 1

NEW YEAR’S EVE – December 31

NEW YEAR’S DAY – January 1

BLOG*October 25, 2015


“You’re rushing out the door for another day at the office, and catch your reflection in the mirror. You look awesome obviously, but you’re not ready yet.

Don’t get me wrong. That yellow cardigan is on point, and your peter-pan collar is just too cute, but something is missing here.

A little bit of edge?

A little bit more of your self…

You need just a little bit of Wonderland in your life!

Not too much Wonderland, now. You’re off to work, not the Mad Hatter’s unbirthday party. That will have to wait for the weekend.

Until then, you reach into your closet and pull out your jewelry box to find just the right dash of madness, just the right pinch of individuality – just the right amount of Wonderland – and you know your outfit is complete… read more here.

This is the story Richelle owner of  Red Scorpio Handmade begins to tell about her Wonderland collection of jewelry, connecting it directly to her niche audience. Weaving a tale that relates to real life conditions with a fantasy twist is smart advertising copy. Bravo!

Give this copywriting technique a try with your next promotional pitch. Check out Red Scorpio Handmade’s blog too. Much there to learn from.

BLOG*October 9, 2015

Handmade at Amazon is a new store on for artisans to sell their unique, handcrafted goods to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. It just went live on Thursday with a lineup of over 80,000 items from about 5,000 sellers in 60 countries. “You can think of it as a factory-free zone, a mass-produced-free zone,” said Peter Faricy, the Amazon vice president who is overseeing Handmade.

You set up a shop, create an Artisan Profile page to tell customers your story and set up pages for each of your products. Sounds like Etsy, right? It is a similar model but more robust and with options for shipping fulfillment. And Amazon is also offering logistical backing to its sellers, allowing them to ship products, in lots, to one of the company’s many fulfillment centers around the country. Amazon will then ship out those products as part of its Prime service, which offers members unlimited free shipping for an annual fee.

Etsy charges a 20-cent fee for each item a seller lists on its site and takes a 3.5 percent cut of the sales. For now, Amazon will charge no listing fee but take 12 percent of sales.

I am on the fence about signing up with this giant. May wait to see what shapes over the next few months and see what type of feedback the artisans are giving it.

If you are jumping in let me know.


BLOG*October 1, 2015

When you have finally built that line of products up to a point where you are ready to license them to other stores then ARTSETTERS can help you simplify the process. ARTSETTERS brings the entire wholesale process online. Their solution allows you to be discovered on a global scale, without needing to attend trade shows. Create shareable showroom collections, connect with industry leaders and manage orders seamlessly.

They suggest that costly trade shows dominate the industry and make it increasingly difficult for independent artists and designers to compete and gain exposure on an international level.

Overall I like their approach, however there is something to be said about meeting people face to face at shows whether they are expensive or not. I know artists would prefer to simply make their art and let other people sell it, but there is power in people meeting the artist.

I was just at the L.A. International Textile show where they have reps presenting different companies from around the world. A rep can have a professional approach and attitude, but when it comes down to individual artists, fans want to meet that person.

All in all though ARTSETTERS has a pretty cool model which is worth checking out.

BLOG*September 22, 2015

I like to say that your newsletter is a package of goodies that you send straight to your fans mailbox. The goal is to have the receiver open and even more importantly, want to open your email messsage and then actually read it. We are bombarded by so much info these days that newsletters that we sign up to receive can get passed over quickly.

There are techniques to keeping our newsletters relevant and a must see piece of infotainment. Here is a great article from Elle & Company on ways to spice up your mailing list and raise subscribers’ excitement when they see an email from you sitting in their inbox. Go here.

BLOG*September 9, 2015

I tell my students to remember their magnificence. This video by Kyle Cease captures that spirit.