The AAB Mission

The Artist As Brand® Workshops and Artist As Brand® Workbook show you how to use entrepreneurial principles to produce your unique sustainable art business.

• Connect your art deeply with your truth, creating a mark so authentic and profound it embodies a timeless power.

• Unlock the secret to your personal niche markets and the fans/patrons/collectors who are hidden there .

• Introduce your vision to individual art collectors around the world through targeted marketing techniques.

• Build an independent Art Empire that can create income for the rest of your life.

• Align with other like minded individuals to establish a MasterMind expanding your Art Empire.

• “See” your career five years into the future.

• Become part of the Artist As Brand community of artists who are working towards their goals.

The Artist As Brand path is highly focused with the intention of aligning and defining (in some instances re-aligning and re-defining) the purpose and direction of an individual’s career path. We start deep in the heart and move outwards connecting your talent to your marketing, and collectors so every dollar you make is aligned with who you are, and what you love.

Realize the potential of sharing your visions, your stories with the world and make a living from them on your terms. Launch into an art career, differently. 

*Take an Artist As Brand One on One Workshop

I work with you one on one, in person, via the phone or Skype to help you see clearly your purpose for being an artist and point your compass toward your unique collectors and buyers.

“The one on one workshop has given me so much to think about. As a “fine artist” it’s tough to change the way I think about marketing my art, although I’m all too aware of the pitfalls of galleries! I’m really taking what I have learned to heartI want to thank you!” 
-Regina Allen, Austin, Texas

*Take an Artist As Brand Workshop with others

The classic AAB Workshop held at Colleges, Universities, or Art Institutions in the US and abroad where your potential expands with a mastermind of talented individuals.

“Artist As Brand got me motivated and inspired to build a business around myself. I started a product line of sculptures which is already selling online!”
-Alfred Paredes, Los Angeles, CA

*Pick up the Artist As Brand Workbook

The AAB Workshop in an e-book now used as a textbook at colleges and universities.

“I really needed a book like yours. Books about brand and marketing are not my friends, they are too technical, too commercial. Your book has a balance and a spiritual touch.”
-Valeria Prosseda, Rotterdam, Netherlands

I believe you can create a successful art business. Let me help you see that dream become a reality.

Greg Spalenka

More about me and my artful journey here.