Financial Support For Your Art

Greg Spalenka

Are you making a living from your art?

When I say making a living from your art this does not mean selling a few items in a gallery once a year, or being commissioned for a piece every so often, or teaching art classes to pay your bills– it means making consistent income from selling your creations to people who want to support your vision. Making a living from your art is not rocket science and is a reality for artists around the world who use synergistic principles of promotion. You can create a prosperous, sustainable future solely from your creations.

For over three decades I made a living from my art in the publishing, film, gallery, and popular art culture worlds but also experienced the instability and limitations of these markets. However, by embracing an entrepreneurial spirit, myself and other fiercely independent creators were able to sustain and expand our art businesses.  You can too.

The concept of the entrepreneur is not taught in our schools and rarely mentioned in higher education unless you’re studying business. In the fine art world it is non-existent and actually looked down upon. However, many of the most successful artists on the planet embraced this model of creative commerce to champion their authentic visionary brands.

I created the educational service of Artist As Brand to show individuals they can become confident, independent, prosperous artists regardless of economic slowdowns or other industry challenges. How? Learn the simple steps of connecting directly with your fans, patrons and collectors. Growing this family of supporters creates a foundation of financial support.

The literal definition of Artist As Brand is “a creator who has become a unique symbol“, but the spirit goes deeper. The Artist As Brand mission is to empower an artist’s authentic purpose and prosperity. When an individual’s core purpose and talent are synergistically aligned they can becometranscendent symbols.” This is not about fame, this is about power in the truest sense of the word. Know thyself. The world will recognize it too.

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